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True Stories Project

True Stories ProjectThe True Stories Project was formed to create movies like Inlaws & Outlaws, our first feature film.

Conventional wisdom has it that "talking heads" movies are boring and informational, that folks simply won't sit still for a film that doesn't overwhelm the senses or manipulate our emotions.

But we believe that people are hungry for the truth.
We believe that folks are starving for some hope.

And, we believe that the true story, well told, is still the most powerful medium available for entertaining, educating, empowering and inspiring us all. We're not reinventing the wheel. We're simply going back to basics — strong stories and compelling storytellers.

"Only connect."E.M. Forster

True Stories Team

Drew Emery - Filmmaker

Drew began building the Hearts + Minds Campaign when interest in Inlaws & Outlaws arose from Ohio, Oklahoma and elsewhere inspired the idea of making the film available to the grassroots via our website. Drew EmerySince then, he's been building partnerships with community groups large and small across the country, bringing the film to nearly 400 communities thus far. Drew's most proud of the relationships he's built with dozens of volunteers from all over — an Outlaws Posse of deputies who are working to create change in their communities and see a role for Inlaws & Outlaws in making that happen. "They're my heroes and they're from all walks of life. But they all have one thing in common: they all believe in love. And they're the loveliest people ever."

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Nicholas Erwin, PMD (Producer of Marketing & Distribution)

Nicholas Erwin

Having worked in the online retail sector for the past 9 years, Nicholas is a newcomer to film, bringing with him knowledge of operations, project management, and strategic planning. Coupled with an educational background in community psychology as well as work in non-profit administration, Nicholas is bringing his expertise to bear on marketing, distribution and strategic initiatives. He’s excited to be learning about a new industry and applying his prior experience to a cause and a film he believes in.

Jill Seidenstein, Community Champion

Jill Seidenstein

With a Master's in Library & Information Science, Jill navigates her way through the most unruly and wild seas of data. She loves to help people succeed and get what they want. After almost 8 years working in corporate America, she left to pursue her dream of travel in SE Asia. She loves to dance and is a diligent yogini. She is an ardent and outspoken proponent of civil rights and a skillful user of all forms of social media, two qualities that make her the ideal Community Champion for Team TSP.

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