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Screening Tools

H+M-Bright-Light.gifWe want your screening to be as successful as possible. Therefore, as part of the Campaign, we will provide you with a range of tools to help you organize, promote, and benefit from your screening:

  • Dedicated Field Producer
  • Editable promotional materials
  • Personalized webpage for your event
  • Ability to re-sell Inlaws & Outlaws DVDs to raise money

The Community Screening FAQ

The Community Screening FAQ is currently being updated with new information.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about setting up your screening, contact us via email here or call (206) 457.8097.

Press Resources

Use our press resources to help create a buzz around your screening. Coming soon: Promoting Your Event in the Press

Press Kit

This PDF contains all the background you need about the film, the filmmakers, and the Hearts + Minds Campaign, including reviews, awards and testimonials.

How to use:

  • Download the PDF. you are talking to the press, familiarize yourself with the materials beforehand.
  • If you are mailing or faxing the kit, print it out.
  • If you are emailing it, you can attach the PDF or link directly to it here. (We recommend you do both!)
  • If you have press coming to your event, it's a good idea to have print copies of the press kit and your press release available - plus any pertinent materials about your organization or campaign.

Press Release Template

MS Word. Customize this to announce your screening to the local press & media.

How to use:

  • Download the MS Word document. press_release.jpg
  • Add specific information about your event, your organization and, especially, why you are having your event. (Don't be afraid to supply a juicy quote from someone in your organization.)
  • Follow the format of our template, keeping the information succinct and clear. All the important facts should be right at the top in the first paragraph.
  • If your organization has its own letterhead, we recommend you copy the pertinent information to that letterhead instead of using ours.
  • If you are mailing or faxing the press release, print it out. (It's also good to have a few copies available at your event if you are expecting press to attend.)
  • If you are emailing it, we recommend you print save to PDF format, and then attach the PDF to your emails. In PDF format, its also ready to add to your website too.
  • If emailing, ALWAYS include another way to contact you (phone number) and links to both the press kit and press images (see below).
  • Best bang for your buck: event and movie listings in your local paper, local blogs (especially those that have shown an interest in your organization or cause), any local reporter (print, TV, radio or blog) that has shown an interest in LGBT rights or marriage equality (let Google be your friend there), and other organizations locally or state-wide that are natural allies to your cause. It pays to pick up the phone and call them and ask if they will include a notice in any upcoming email blast or newsletter.
    Last, don't be afraid to offer your local press an interview with the filmmaker. Give them the contact information here, and then give us a head's up here.

Press Photos

Download or link to a variety of photos on our Press Resources page.

How to use:

  • Download those images high_res_thumb.jpgyou would like to include in any communication with the press.
    OR link either specific images in your emails to the press or link the whole press resources page, making sure to let your press contacts know that images are instantly available.
  • If emailing, include either the specific photo credit for the photo(s) you are sending, or attach the photo credits page itself. Our volunteer photographers appreciate the credit - and it makes you look more professional.
  • Do you need anything else? We have lots of logos, behind-the-scene photos, and photos from our campaign. Just ask!

Editable Promotional Material

The following resources can be downloaded, personalized and printed to make your promotional work as simple and professional as possible.
(All files are Microsoft Word Documents)

Inlaws & Outlaws 8.5 × 11 Editable Flyer (Black background)
(Fill in the details of your screening & use these flyers to help advertise your screening)
Also available with a white background

Inlaws & Outlaws 11 × 17 Editable Flyer (White background)
(This larger version of the editable flyer is also a useful promotional tool)
Available with a black background.

Screening Invitation
(Send personal invitations with this editable screening invite)

Screening Tickets
(Use this ticket template to aid you with your ticketing & will call system)

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