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The Equality Deal


We created our Equality Deal to allow as many people as possible to screen Inlaws & Outlaws for free. Better yet, you can earn money for your organization in the process while spreading the powerful message of the film a little bit further. We think it's a great way to empower your community with an Inlaws & Outlaws event.

Here's how it works:

  • First, choose an Equality Deal package that fits the size of the screening you'd like to have. They come in Small (up to 75 people), Medium (up to 200 people), Large (up to 350 people) and X-Large (up to 750 people).
  • Each package comes with reduced price DVDS — and a voucher for a free license for a commensurate size screening.
  • Register your screening with us and we'll set up a web page for your event and give you access to free customizable posters and flyers, etc to promote your event.
  • At your screening, sell the DVDs at full price. Your screening will be free, your DVDs paid for — and you can keep the difference for your cause.
Example 1: Host a Small Screening

Equality Deal 12-PakSay you want to raise awareness with a small screening at your school, church or temple. You could purchase the small screening license for a screening of 75 people or less for $100.

OR you could buy the 12-DVD Equality Deal package for $175. We sell the DVDs to you at a reduced price and your small screening license is free. At the screening you just need to sell 9 of your DVDs at full price to make back all of your money. And every DVD you sell after that earns $20 for your organization.

Simply put, instead of spending $100, you could be earning money for your group.

Example 2: Have a Fundraiser for Your Organization

Equality Deal 50-PakLet's say you want to raise money for your local equality organization, PFLAG chapter, GSA or other non-profit. You could purchase a large screening license for a screening of 350 people or less for $300.

OR you could buy a 50-DVD Equality Deal package for $550. Each DVD is just $11 and your screening license is free. At the screening you just need to sell 33 of our DVDs at full price to make back all of your money. After that, every DVD earns you $20 for your organization. Instead of spending $300, you could be earning up to $600.

Better yet, let's say you charged $10 admission. That money's yours too. For example, you could charge admission to cover all of your costs — and then offer DVDs as thanks to those at the event who donate money to your cause. We've done it and it works.

Example 3: Build an Outlaws Posse

Equality Deal 100-PakPerhaps you want to collaborate with other groups to create change. You're inspired to organize a local Outlaws Posse! (What's that? Check out this video.) Your Posse decides to host 5 small screenings in 5 local schools or congregations. You could buy small 5 small screening licenses for $500.

OR you could buy a 100-DVD Equality Deal package for $1000. It comes with a $500 voucher good for one screening for up to 750 people. But you could also use it towards 5 small screenings for free! Each DVD is fully half price. At your events, you'd need to sell only 50 DVDs to make all of your money back. After that, each DVD sold at full price earns your effort $20. Instead of spending $500 on licenses, you could be raising up to $1000 for your cause.

Example 4: Partner with Us

Let's say you're already in the equality biz. Like us, you are in this for the long haul. You know that real change takes commitment, outreach, money and education. But to spark it all, it takes passion.


We'd love to give you passionate supporters one audience at a time. In fact, we'd love to give you our film for unlimited free screenings in your state! Imagine partnering with dozens of community organizations large and small to host events that spark dialogue, build bridges, and raise money for your organization. We believe our true stories can be the ultimate tool for building broad support for full marriage equality.

If you'd like to partner with the Hearts + Minds Campaign, then contact us and we'll figure out a way we can win/win together.

The possibilities are endless. The bottom line is that we want you to succeed at creating change in your community — so we're committed to making Inlaws & Outlaws as affordable and accessible as possible.

The Fine Print: We have a few rules of the road to keep us from going bonkers and to keep our prices low. Read our Community Screening License.

Need more info? Download our Screenings and EQ Deal FAQ.

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This is a film with a mission: to show that love is neither gay nor straight — it's human. If this sounds akin to your mission, then we've got the movie for you.

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