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Inlaws & Outlaws is a film made for the community with the support of the community. And now, in order to get the movie to the widest possible audience, we are distributing the film in partnership with community organizations large and small. That is the Hearts + Minds Campaign and it depends on the support of individuals, organizations and businesses who believe in the power of love.

That's you!


Business Sponsors can advertise their good works through premiere events, our website, promotional materials and the film's credits. Contact us and find out how your business can very affordably reach a broad audience with our positive and inclusive message.

Organizational Sponsors can become campaign sponsors by lending their voices, volunteers and in-kind support to help us make our screenings and tours successful. You may also partner with the Campaign by hosting multiple screenings, re-selling DVDs to raise money for your organization and reach our growing audience with their mission and work. For more information on joining the Hearts + Minds Campaign as an organizational sponsor, please contact us for further details.

Individual Sponsors can support as many community screenings as you'd like by making a charitable donation. For example, you could sponsor one screening at your local college or help underwrite a tour of the film in your state to benefit your equality organization. If you'd like to get involved, please contact us for further details.

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Your donation, however small or large goes directly to the work of the Hearts + Minds Campaign bringing the power of our true stories to new communities from Alaska to Florida.

Through our fiscal sponsor, Three Dollar Bill Cinema, any charitable donation is fully tax deductible. Three Dollar Bill Cinema is a registered 501c3 organization, and the producers of the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Part of their mission is to make sure filmmakers like Drew Emery can get their work made and seen.

Thank you to our hundreds of supporters who have brought us to nearly 500 communities across the nation!

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