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Inlaws & Outlaws Steps Up to Support R-74

Ref 74 In just two months, voters in Washington will be voting on Referendum 74. Voting Yes on R-74 will affirm the marriage equality law passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Gregoire back in February. After nearly a decade of effort, Washington will become the seventh state where same-sex marriage is legal — and could be the first decided by voters.

How can we help? FREE screenings in Washington — from now until Election Day.

Changing Hearts + Minds

"Our church screening was a huge success! This is a very powerful film for all audiences. Most importantly, this has finally allowed our congregation to move past the abstract and consider the lives of all of our church members."
— Clare, Des Moines WA

"Great film changed my stupid mindset." — Stephanie, La Conner WA

"Scott, my husband, and I were so moved. I feel inspired to act in the name of gay marriage & simply to love BIG TIME." — Amy, Seattle WA

We want to make sure that — before they vote — everyone in Washington knows what's at stake with Referendum 74. So we're teaming up with Washington United for Marriage to offer Inlaws & Outlaws screenings FREE to anyone in Washington state who wants to help us reach as many people as possible with our stories.

Between now and Election Day, you, your organization, congregation or school can host a screening of Inlaws & Outlaws in support of Referendum 74. Showing the film is a great way to bring the issue of marriage equality to your friends, family and co-workers in a non-political, non-confrontational way. In fact, we'll make sure it's fun.

Plus, if you want, you can use the event to raise money for your organization.

How does it work?
  • We provide the film.
  • You provide the projector and space.
  • We work together to build an audience.
  • After the film, we have an opportunity to engage the audience on what they can do to help pass Referendum 74.

Through our Hearts + Minds Campaign, we’ve already set up over 500 community screenings, so we know how to keep it simple — and fun.

Want to join us in supporting Ref 74? Here's the drill:
  1. Sign up here! Find a space, pick a date and time, and then register your event right here on our website.
  2. We'll then build you a nifty web page to help promote your event.
  3. We send you a DVD, no charge — plus everything you and your audience need to know about Referendum 74.
  4. You download free posters and flyers to customize, print out and promote your event.
  5. Optional: if you want to raise money, we'll also send you DVDs to sell at your screening. You send us any extras and half the money to cover our expenses. You keep the other half to cover yours — or you can donate it however you'd like.

Sign Me Up

This is a great way to share true stories of same-sex couples with friends and family who might be on the fence about Referendum 74. We're confident that sharing Inlaws & Outlaws in your community can go a long way to ensuring that Washington is the first state where voters approve equal marriage.

Not in Washington but want to do your part?

Like 500 other churches, temples, schools and community organizations before you, you can still host a screening. We recommend our Equality Deal.

This campaign doesn't end in Washington. We're in this for the long haul.


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