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Registration is a quick and painless 2-step process:

(If you don't know how to 2-step, proceed to dance instructions here.)

  • If you are hosting a Community Screening of Inlaws & Outlaws, you must first obtain obtain a screening license. Your license is not valid until you register your event in advance.
  • Once you know the date, time and venue of your screening, you're ready for Screening Registration. (It helps to have as many of the details of your event as possible ready.)

Questions? See the Screening Registration FAQ below.

Note: For Screening Registration, you will need your license number handy - which is the same as your purchase code from your email receipt. (Example: TRU52-12566).

You will also need to know the date, time and specific place of your screening. If you don't have that information confirmed yet, come back when you do!


Registration Frequently Asked Questions
  • When do I register my event(s)?
    You must register before your event takes place. We will build you a screening page for your event but can't guarantee that it will be completed unless you register at least two weeks prior to your event. Note: Your screening license is not valid unless you register your event here.
  • Why do I need to register my screening? This is DIY grassroots distribution, my friend. It's slightly more unwieldy but a lot more inexpensive and accessible for you. Licensing screenings helps pay for the film and registration a) helps us keep track of where the film is going and b) helps us leverage the good word-of-mouth and visibility that happens when you bring Inlaws & Outlaws to your community.
  • Who should register as a Screening Host
    Whoever has obtained the screening license should register as the Screening Host — just one host per event is necessary. If you are an organization that is hosting the event, please have the person who will be the primary contact register as the Screening Host.
  • How do I register multiple events?
    If you are one Screening Host hosting multiple events (even on the same day), you'll need to register each individual screening of the film separately. Just come back and repeat the process for each event. (No need to repeat all of the information if it's the same. Just enter information that is different than your first registered event.) Time saver: if you have two or more screenings on the same day and in the same place, you can register your events all at once. Just make a note of the individual start times in the Events Details box provided.

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