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Clare Elizabeth

Thanks so much for helping to make our screening at our church such a success! We were pleased with gathering 60+ views who all seemed to enjoy themselves. They laughed and cried at all the right places!

There was agreement that this was a very powerful film and for all audiences. Thanks again, Clare

Anne Lieder

This was a wonderful film and very well done in all aspects. This film resonated with me on so many levels. I am a recovering Mormon who went through a very similar situation as the gal in the movie (sorry, can't remember her name). I was pregnant, thought I had to do the "right thing" and got married, never feeling right in my own skin, divorced, came out, then 10 years later, my ex-husband came out, too! It wasn't an easy road but I've managed to survive in spite of it -- and I have a great daughter as a result.

Thanks again for a wonderful film.

Deirdre Hebert

March 29, 2008

A friend of mine invited me to this film, and I wasn't sure what to expect. The Music Hall in Portsmouth is known for screening productions that are exceptional, yet for some reason don't make it to the mainstream screens, but I wasn't sure about this one.

I knew that Bishop Robinson would be there, but I didn't know if I was going to see a boring documentary, or another sad tale of the way LGBT folk are treated in the United States.

When the film started, it wasn't long before I started laughing. It wasn't long before I felt a bit sad. As it progressed, I felt the gamut of emotion that has defined my life. The victories, the heartbreaks, the successes, the failures. At the end though, there was one emotion left; hope.

I hope that our world is going to the place that this film seems to suggest that it might.

Being a bit older, I tend to be cynical. Having grown up transsexual in a very conservative family, I've had my dreams shattered. Still, this film, while not about transsexual, allowed me to think that I still might be able to dream. It rekindled a spark of hope that I was afraid had been extinguished permanently.

Thank you.

Dean Diggins

March 29, 2008

I was profoundly touched by your film at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH two nights ago. I went up to Drew in the lobby and mentioned that I had lost my life partner of 44 years and therefore found the film especially touching. What I didn't mention was that I have been dealing with soul-shattering grief for 16 months. By hearing Chuck's story--the man who had been with his partner for 50 years--I realised how incredibly lucky I have been. While there were many similarities, there were some dramatic contrasts. Chuck and his friend were alone, and the refusal of the American flag for his armed services veteran friend was devastating and unfair. In our case, we had many friends, were accepted by the entire community, and did not have to deal with sudden death. My friend, Jack, had congestive heart failure and just faded away for 2 years--I was with him all the time and we maintained an almost normal life with many friends, films, theatre, and restaurants in spite of 13 meds every day and some mental confusion. His last 3 days in the hospital were full of friends saying goodbye--as many said, "a fairy tale ending(no pun intended!). We hope we'll be so lucky." And so, for the first time, I'm beginning to feel better--largely because of Chuck's poignant story. Thank you for a life-changing event.

Mark Josefsberg-Arnold

April 2, 2008

I happened on this film on PBS.

I have been moping since an unexpected and dramatic breakup last July. I did have a really nice semi-blind date this weekend but somehow the HOPE that has burned in my heart since childhood, the HOPE and expectation of finding myself married and in love, that HOPE has been waning. I am thankful for this film because it reminded me that my life, hopes, dreams and experiences have merit. Everyone deserves to be happy and closing myself off to the possibility of uniting with another kindred spirit is not only a disservice to myself, but also to this very nice, endearingly sweet, hopeful man with whom I shared a lovely meal and warm conversation. I am happy to say that I have invited him to a local screening....and that I HOPE that it kindles something in each of us...perhaps a romance, perhaps a friendship...but absolutely the spark of self-worth that all people need. Thank you.


June 18, 2008

GREAT film that changed my stupid mindset!

What a FANTASTIC documentary. Brought tears to my blind eyes many times and I have to say -- I thought I was really Liberal-minded but your film made me ralize I was NOT! By the end of your film, any homophobic stupid ideas I had, spilled like milk.

WELL DONE GREAT FILM!! It is all about our humanity and love love love. My grateful blessings to all who participated in this amazing film. Thanks Drew Emery!!


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