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Inlaws & Outlaws Welcomes PFLAG

Inlaws & Outlaws has been thrilled by the success PFLAG chapters across the country have experienced through screening the film and want to continue to offer our Hearts + Minds Campaign as a resource for these activists.

Inlaws & Outlaws is a great tool for PFLAG Chapters throughout the country. Here are just a few examples of how this movie can help your Chapter:

• Use the film to facilitate discussion, support and advocacy.

• Use the film as a fundraising opportunity by selling tickets and/or DVDs.

• Build partnerships, expand membersip and create visibility by having a great night at the movies.

Here are what some PFLAG activists have said about screening Inlaws & Outlaws in their communities:

"This film truly captures what it means to love someone. We brought it to our town and hundreds showed up to our screening. Now we want every PLFAG chapter in our state to host one. It's that good." Kathy Reim, Coordinator of WA State PFLAG.

"We partnered with Equality Ohio, local churches and schools and brought the film to six cities in Ohio! My chapter rented out a theatre and we sold out. I have never seen an audience so electrified by a movie about real people -- and we want to bring it back!" Sharon Groh-Wargo, Cleveland PFLAG

"We partnered with a local church and the Safe Schools Coalition. In our small town over 100 people turned out on a Monday night for an amazing evening that was inspiring and, on all accounts, an outstanding success! The stories moved, amused and enriched us. We contacted local newspapers, and they did stories about the film that also highlighted our causes. We feel that every time we have visibility, it's an opportunity to help people." Rick and Mary Ann Nelson, Lower Columbia PFLAG

So, what are you waiting for? It's easy, affordable, and a highly effective way of rallying and affirming support for the lesbian and gay community. Organize a screening for your chapter now!

If you prefer to contact us by phone, call us at (206) 457.8097, Mon - Sat 9-5 PST.

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