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400 Screenings!

400 Screenings Wow. Tonight, we presented our 400th community screening of Inlaws & Outlaws!


Congratulations Pete-e, Jane, John, Frank, Dayna, Tammy, Leslie, Heather, John, Susan, Aubree, Laramie and the rest of our fearless Outlaws! Much to our delight, your stories are still going strong, still empowering communities, still enriching congregations, and still very much moving the ball forward inch by inch in our effort to change hearts and minds across the country.

Tonight is also the kick-off off our six-city Virginia Outlaws Tour here at Virginia Tech. It's the sixth annual Gay in Appalachia and a fantastic crowd showed up to celebrate.

Equality DealWhat's also exciting is that we have a pretty good idea of where the next 400 screenings are coming from:

Introducing our Equality Deal, a fantastic way to let anyone screen the film for free — while raising a little money for their own efforts to create change. In a nutshell, any activist, school, congregation, non-profit or Equality organization can buy a reduced price package of DVDs, sell them at their screening for full price, make back all their money and keep the difference for their cause.

Oh, and we give them the screening license for free.

We think it's a pretty cool way to empower the grassroots while making sure our stories get told to even more audiences.

If you know someone who can host an Inlaws & Outlaws event, share this on Facebook or Twitter or email. They can get all the details here.

We're excited. It has been a long, long journey to get to this point — much longer than any of us realized it would be. But the rewards are best measured by the way the film continues to bring people together to celebrate love. So, from the storytellers to our fearless crew to our army of supporters, sponsors, volunteers and screening hosts — you all deserve to take a bow.




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