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In the News in Longview WA

Prior to the screening of Inlaws & Outlaws at the Kelso Theater Pub in Kelso, WA, The Daily News of Longview published an article about the showing. Feature Writer, Tom Paulu presented an informative article detailing the main stories of the film, and emphasizing the personal and not-so political nature of the movie.

The arrival of Inlaws & Outlaws in Kelso and Longview highlighted how divisive the notion of gay marriage and LGBT rights are in the area. The comments posted about the article from The Daily News readers demonstrated that the debate surrounding LGBT issues is still dividing communities in many parts of the state and the wider country.

Inlaws & Outlaws is a tool for uniting communities and bridging divides. The screening in Kelso, WA really goes a long way in demonstrating that this is constructive dialogue needed by communities everywhere, and can be used for helping people to understand and accept the LGBT members within their community.

Inlaws & Outlaws portrays real people and real stories to help us explore what we all have in common. We love. We lose. We all want to belong. And we're all making this up as we go along.

Our thanks go out to the Kelso Theatre Pub for hosting this screening, as well as Longview UMC and Lower Columbia PFLAG for making this a reality.

If you are planning on attending, or did attend the screening of Inlaws & Outlaws in Kelso, we'd love to hear from you! Send us your comments, feedback and views by filling out the comments box below.


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