Inlaws & Outlaws


The Australian Premiere: Inlaws & Outlaws in Oz!

Inlaws & Outlaws receives its official Australian Premiere in Melbourne on Sunday, March 16th, as a special presentation of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, now celebrating it's 18th year.


When: Sunday, 16th March, 2008 2 pm
Where: ACMI Cinemas, Federation Square, Melbourne

Director Drew Emery is thrilled that the film is finally being shown in Australia, a country he has visited many times and has a great love for. "It's wonderful that it's playing in Melbourne, a truly fantastic city with both a terrific arts and queer community. I'm only sorry that I won't be there myself," he added.

"I owe it to two Melbournites that this film even got made -- Jonathan Cebon and Christopher Cobbett. They're very dear friends of mine and their support of my work over the years has made it possible for me to do this sort of thing. When I told them I was making this film, they didn't hesitate to offer their support instantly. I call them the Clifton Hill Arts Council."

Indeed, Cebon and Cobbett became co-producers of the film. Fitting the the film's themes, this year they celebrate their 30th anniversary together.

The MQFF and the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby are proud to co-present this documentary and panel session which will discuss current partnership legislation as it relates to sexuality in Australia.

The panellists are:

Demetra Giannakopoulos is co-convener, Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby.
Doug Pollard is a journalist and radio broadcaster.
Peter Furness is from Australian Marriage Equality.

Moderator - Addam Stobbs, journalist and radio broadcaster.

Presented by the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby.


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