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KCTS Airs Inlaws and Outlaws for Pride


Seattle PBS affiliate KCTS 9 will air Inlaws and Outlaws as part of a special Gay Pride Night, Wednesday, June 11, beginning at 7 p.m. Paired with Anyone and Everyone, both films explore relationships, marriage and family life to demonstrate how diverse yet uniquely similar we all are.

Inlaws and Outlaws begins at 8:30 pm and will include additional interviews with some of the film's subjects. Director Drew Emery will be live in the KCTS 9 studio discussing the making of the documentary and the reactions it's sparked across North America.

images/prideLogo.gif Both programs will air as part of a live, in-studio fundraiser for KCTS 9. Volunteers from the Pride Foundation and leaders from the Northwest LGBT community will be in the studio to answer phones and participate in this special evening.

Inlaws & Outlaws received its official Broadcast Premiere on KCTS in April as the kick-off the fourth season of their series About Us.

Writing on About Us, the Seattle Times called the film "flat-out terrific". The series also airs on Yakima affiliate KYVE.

Dan%20Drummey.jpgThe presentation on KCTS is made possible through the generous support of our local sponsors: the Pride Foundation, and Daniel R. Drummey, real estate agent with Madison House, LTD.



Mark Josefsberg-Arnold

I happened on this film on PBS.

I have been moping since an unexpected and dramatic breakup last July. I did have a really nice semi-blind date this weekend but somehow the HOPE that has burned in my heart since childhood, the HOPE and expectation of finding myself married and in love, that HOPE has been waning. I am thankful for this film because it reminded me that my life, hopes, dreams and experiences have merit. Everyone deserves to be happy and closing myself off to the possibility of uniting with another kindred spirit is not only a disservice to myself, but also to this very nice, endearingly sweet, hopeful man with whom I shared a lovely meal and warm conversation. I am happy to say that I have invited him to a local screening....and that I HOPE that it kindles something in each of us...perhaps a romance, perhaps a friendship...but absolutely the spark of self-worth that all people need. Thank you.


June 11, 2008

Wonderful, beautiful and inspiring!! Loved it!!!

Stephanie La Porta

June 18, 2008

GREAT film that changed my stupid mindset!

What a FANTASTIC documentary. Brought tears to my blind eyes many times and I have to say -- I thought I was really Liberal-minded but your film made me ralize I was NOT! By the end of your film, any homophobic stupid ideas I had, spilled like milk.

WELL DONE GREAT FILM!! It is all about our humanity and love love love. My grateful blessings to all who participated in this amazing film. Thanks Drew Emery!!

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