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Love & Equality: Finally Engaged!

Pete-Jane-dance.jpgYES! Yesterday, we cheered Governor Christine Gregoire as she signed marriage equality into law for the state of Washington!

Today, we celebrate this hard-won victory, the long-awaited engagement of Love and Equality. (Happy Valentine's Day indeed.)

Tomorrow, we get right back to work making sure this big leap forward sticks, fighting the inevitable referendum effort to deny equal marriage at the ballot box in November.

And how do we do that? We do what we've always done; we share our true stories wherever we can, spreading the gospel that love is neither gay nor straight; it's human.

500 ScreeningsOur Hearts + Minds Campaign is quickly approaching our 500th community screening of Inlaws & Outlaws!

500 screenings!

Just this past Sunday, we brought the film to the lovely little town of Concrete, Washington (population 704). And this Sunday, the film is being presented at First UMC of Bellevue as part of the church's series Love My Neighbor. (All are welcome. Of course.)

We are determined to step up our efforts to bring Inlaws & Outlaws to many more communities across the state - but we need your help!

Please consider a charitable gift to our Hearts + Minds Campaign to help sponsor screenings wherever they are needed. We know that if we can get dozens more schools, community centers, churches, synagogues and indie theatres in the state to show the film, we can increase support for marriage equality - and let this important law come into effect.

Equality DealJoin us! If you know an organization or activist in Washington who can host an Inlaws & Outlaws screening, share this on Facebook or Twitter or email. We make hosting a screening easy, fun and, most of all, rewarding for all. If you want some ideas of how you can use the film to help create change, check out our nifty Equality Deal. It's a great way to have a free screening, raise money for your cause and, of course, spread the love.

Stay tuned as we get ready to announce exciting plans for Washington state this year. Until then, congratulations to everyone in Washington who believes in love and equality. And thank you Pete-e, Jane, John, Frank, Dayna, Tammy, Leslie, Heather, John, Susan, Aubree, Laramie and the rest of our fearless Outlaws - thank you for sharing your stories.

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Photo credit: Dani Weiss


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