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National Coming Out Day 2007

In celebration of National Coming Out Day 2007, Inlaws & Outlaws has joined with schools and churches throughout Texas & Indiana to bring the film to new communities throughout the country.

Coming Out can often be a difficult and emotional experience. Inlaws & Outlaws can be a powerful tool in educating and advocating around this process. At the top of the film, you meet real people one on one. You don’t know who’s gay or straight or who’s with whom. As their stories unfold and stereotypes fall by the wayside, you won’t care because you’ll be rooting for everybody.

We've had great feedback about people who have used Inlaws & Outlaws as a means of coming out. The weaving together of stories from folks who are gay, straight, young and old, provides a non-threatening medium through which to explore notions of sexuality.

We've teamed up with organizations, schools and churches throughout the country to provide screening opportunities on or around National Coming Out Day on October 11th.

Don't see a screening near you? Don't worry! You can now purchase your own copy of Inlaws & Outlaws right here online. You can even sign up to host a screening in your community

nat_coming_out-day.gifNational Coming Out Day was begun by Robert Eichberg and Jean O'Leary on October 11, 1988. The Day was founded in celebration of the first gay march on Washington D.C. a year earlier, to promote government and public awareness of gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender rights.


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