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Prop 8 Upheld -- Inlaws & Outlaws Fights Back!

Commentary: Today the California Supreme Court voted to uphold Prop 8, the ballot measure that denies gay & lesbian couples their right to marry in the nation's largest state.d-day-sm.gif

Despite all the forward momentum in recently in Iowa, Maine and New Hampshire, we've always known that the struggle for full equality would be long and hard fought. 

I, for one, am determined to take today's setback as a rallying cry to redouble our efforts! Let this be a reminder that though the arc of history may bend toward justice - it doesn't do so on it's own.

We've had tremendous progress over the last few years -- and we owe much of that to the remarkable work of advocacy organizations like Lambda Legal, HRC, The Task Force and the ACLU. But today we've seen fresh evidence that they can't succeed without the support of the general public. That means each of us making a personal effort toward speaking truth to power!

For me, that means making sure our stories are told.

When we tell our stories and make ourselves visible, the- essential righteousness of our cause is undeniable. We made Inlaws & Outlaws with the knowledge that you cannot deny people their essential humanity if you recognize and, indeed, identify with their capacity to love. That we love is absolutely not the thing that divides us -- it's what unites us.

So let's fight back. Let's get our stories out there.

DrewEmery_150x170.gifToday there will be protests all over the country -- and I encourage you to find the one nearest you and get there and be heard. For our part, we're supporting Join the Impact, the organization making these protests possible, with a $5 donation for every DVD order we receive from now until the end of June. You don't need a coupon or code. Just go buy a DVD or buy five. You'll be supporting Join the Impact while helping us share the film with more people. 

As for Inlaws & Outlaws, producing this film and then self-distributing it through the grassroots and indie theatres has also been quite the long haul. I had no idea that the film's central message would become even more relevant as time went on. But it's becoming clear to a growing number of Americans that this struggle is not just about equality -- it's about love.

To get that message out there, we need your support. A tax-deductible contribution of any size will make a direct impact on our ability to reach more communities -- and leverage the film to support more organizations like Join the Impact.

Starting today, if you make a contribution of $100 or more, we will gladly send a complimentary DVD from you to anyone you think could use a little love -- or a dose of reality. (Go here for the details on how to help us out.) And if you want to keep the DVD for yourself, we can't begrudge you that.

Thank you for your continued support. We need to be determined -- not discouraged. We've got the truth on our side. We've got love on our side. And with our united efforts, we will bend that arc of history to meet it's destiny with justice.

With resolve,

Drew Emery



Judy Dixon

I am 54 years old and have been married for over 32 years.
I am a ‘Lay Minister – Marriage Officiant’ with the United Church of Canada (We are the largest Protestant Denomination in the country.
I perform many religion-based marriages every year.
I perform many religion-based same-sex marriages each year.

My opinion on the matter of marriages is this:

Same-sex marriage is a human rights issue not a moral one. Throughout the years, marriage has been a moving target. At this moment, in our human progress, we get a license because the government likes to keep statistics and we sign documents because the laws of country say we must - but these sundry criteria have changed innumerable times since we first discovered we could walk upright! What hasn’t changed one iota is ‘love’ and the fact that the spirit of God has been present at every form of marriage whether acknowledged or not.

While I don’t believe this issue should have ever been on a ballot; if I was able to reply the misguided belief system of your ‘moral majority’ who voted in support of Proposition 8, I would state firmly and proudly that I would sooner go to Hell for love than to Heaven for hate.

Judy Dixon

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