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Protect Equality: No on 1, Yes on Ref 71

No on 1The True Stories Project wants to enlist your support in protecting equality on this November's ballot. In Maine, Question 1 is an effort by right-wing extremists to steal a page from the Prop 8 playbook and repeal Maine's landmark marriage equality law. In Washington, Focus on the Family and other anti-gay organizations are trying to undo that state's recently passed domestic partnership law by trying to stop the approval of Referendum 71.

No on 1To protect existing equality measures, we absolutely must make sure Maine votes No on 1 and Washington state votes to Approve Referendum 71.

Let's help them out. From now until Election Day, Nov 3, if you buy Inlaws & Outlaws DVDs from us, we'll give you $5 off your order and donate $10 toward either the No on 1 Campaign or the Approve Ref 71 Campaign.

Here's how: You can order from us directly by phone, or order online and enter either of these coupon codes: ProtectMaineEQ or Approve71. It's that simple.

To purchase online, go to our Online Store.
Or to buy directly from us, call (206) 457.8097 9-5 PST.

The road to full equality is going to have victories and setbacks along the way. But every victory gives momentum for other legislatures to do the right thing and extend greater protections and equality for LGBTQ citizens.

Watch Pete-e and Jane featured in a very effective Approve Referendum 71 ad:


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