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Big News! Inlaws & Outlaws Heads to Public TV!

NETA We've got terrific news! The National Education Telecommunications Association (NETA) has offered to distribute a full presentation of Inlaws & Outlaws on public television! That means that, if we act quickly, the film will be made available to virtually all public television stations in the US this Fall - including over 350+ PBS affiliates!

This is huge!

Public TV reaches over 117 million viewers a week. If we slice off even a modest amount of that, we'll bring Inlaws & Outlaws to a much, much larger audience than it's ever had. Just as same-sex marriage has finally arrived centerstage with President Obama's support, we have the opportunity to reach millions of households with true stories we know change hearts & minds.

But to meet our deadline, we need your help — and we need it now!

We need our first $50,000 in underwriting by the end of September. Your support will pay for vital post-production for broadcast, closed captioning, station relations and more. Can you help?

We have a huge opportunity to reach millions of households with true stories we know can change hearts & minds...

"GREAT film changed my stupid mindset." — Stephanie, La Conner WA

"Scott, my husband, and I were so moved. I feel inspired to act in the name of gay marriage and simply to love BIG TIME."
— Amy, Seattle WA

"It reaffirmed the fact that there are absolutely no differences between heterosexual and homosexual love and that we are all equal and deserving of happiness." — Frank, Boone NC

As you probably know, public TV isn't paid for by ads. Corporations, foundations and "viewers like you" are who make it all possible. We're scrambling now to seek out underwriting from foundations and corporations who understand the potential of bringing these stories to living rooms all over the country — but that effort takes time.

We don't want to miss the window of getting Inlaws & Outlaws on TV before November, so we turn to viewers like you — the community that made the film possible and brought us to 500+ community screenings with our Hearts + Minds Campaign.

We can do this. There has never been a better time than to share our stories with the mainstream. Time after time we've seen that once people know someone gay — and hear their story — folks are far more likely to support equal rights. And that includes the freedom to marry.


[9-5-12] Wow! So far, our early efforts are being met with tremendous support! As of today, we've now raised $13,450 towards our goal of $50,000 by the end of September. Can you help us reach that goal? Any amount will make a difference.

Thanks to our underwriters so far!
Murl Barker & Ron Miller
Matthew Brooks
David Brunelle
James Kyle Bryant & Dan Monda
Peter Buchman & Jolene Hjerleid
Dave Durham & Ed Farnham
Ken & Sheila Emery
Nicholas Erwin
Barcy Fisher & Tina Podlodowski
Joseph Flynn & Mark Nowlan
Mark Johnston
Alan Kristal & Jason Lamb
Ariane Kurita
Fiona Lee & Marieka Klawitter
Bob Lemon
Del & Louise Lemon
Sharon & Fred Lundahl
Shelly McKeirnan
Tony Nahra & Rand Babcock
Daniel Nye
Charles Sullivan
Michael Thiesen
Paul & Amy Wheeler
John Wott
Zachary Wright
Join us!

We're a little movie with a big heart - but, yes, in order to bring the film all over the nation, WE DO need your support! All donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Three Dollar Bill Cinema, a registered 501©3 organization.


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