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Success! We're on Public TV!

You came through!

We set a fundraising goal of raising $50,000 to bring Inlaws & Outlaws to public television — and thanks to you, WE MADE IT! As of today, we've met our initial goal with $50,246 raised — and, YES, Inlaws & Outlaws is now available to 350+ PBS and public television affiliates around the US!

So far we've just learned that 15 affiliates have already scheduled broadcasts of Inlaws & Outlaws — including KCTS 9 here in Seattle and KYVE in Yakima, Washington. Both stations are airing Inlaws & Outlaws and our new short Just Marriage this Friday, October 26th at 9 pm.

John,Over 120 of our friends and fans have made tax-deductible contributions, large and small, to bring our current total to $50,246! With major support from The Faygele ben Miriam Fund, our first major underwriter, Bob Lemon, our Executive Producer, and now four of our favorite outlaws — Jane Abbott Lighty & Pete-e Petersen, and Frank Chafee & John Gliessman — you've put us over the top. We're over the moon with joy.

While we still have fundraising to do to help us reach more new stations in the new year, for now, we just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has made this possible! We are going to reach thousands of people because of your generosity.

Big heartfelt thanks to our underwriters!
(You are the Hearts + Minds Campaign!)
The Faygele ben Miriam Fund
Frank Chaffee & John Gliessman
Jane Abbott Lighty & Pete-e Petersen
Robert D. Lemon, Executive Producer
Andreas Anastasos
Janet & Peter Atwater
Murl Barker & Ron Miller
Gillian Barr
Jacqueline Becker
Michael Berghoef & Helen Nonnekes Berghoef
David Bibus
Wandajune Bishop-Towle
Mary Ellen Bowers
James Braden
Matthew Brooks
Paul Brower
David Brunelle
James Kyle Bryant & Dan Monda
Peter Buchman & Jolene Hjerleid
Niis Bue
Julia Byrd
Caren Cameron
John Cardinali
Jonathan Cebon
Ann Conley
Gary Cowling
Michael Cutts
Barbara R Daum
John & Stephanie Denson
Laura Dooley
Dave Durham & Ed Farnham
Ken & Sheila Emery
Peter & Janine Emery
Kristi Erwin
Nicholas Erwin
Brad Eurin
Vikki Finnson
Barcy Fisher & Tina Podlodowski
Mark Fleming
William Fleming & Steve Zeliadt
Joseph Flynn & Mark Nowlan
Joan Gavaler
George Greenia
Laura Hadden
Ginger Krinitsky Hall
Mark Hanses
Clark Hantzmon
Karen Hartfield
Lisa Hartfield
Lynn Hartfield
Theodore Hayes
Cate Hesser
Dorothy Holland
Amy Horwitz
Mark Johnston
Alan Kristal & Jason Lamb
Michael Kreis
Ariane Kurita
Fiona Lee & Marieka Klawitter
Craig Labenz
Michael Lamb
Sandra Leduc
Del & Louise Lemon
Sharon & Fred Lundahl
Michael Linthicum
Peggy Lynch & Mike McGinn
Christy Machulski
Kathryn Maeglin
Lindsay Martin
K.J. Maurice
Shelly McKeirnan
Sophia Miyazaki
Jon Morrow
Tony Nahra & Rand Babcock
Theresa Noble
Daniel Nye
Jennifer Olson
Vince Parrillo
Matias Pelenur & Alex Varela
Cynthia Pickreign
Marco Pizzo
Elaine Powell
David Price
Thomas Rich
Darren Robertson
Alexander Moir Roe, Jr.
Lance Rosen
Sam Sanzone
Janet Schaedler
Michael Scott
D Gregory Smith & Ken Spencer
Davney Stahley
Linda States
Jerry Stewart
Lori Stevens
Charles Sullivan
Whitney Taylor & Amy Babcock
Michael Thiesen
Lorrine Thompson
Marissa Tsaniff
Gary Tucker
Tamara Turner
Elizabeth Thompson
Bryce Vradenburg
Raleigh Watts
Paul & Amy Wheeler
John Wott
Zachary Wright
Alan Young

And you?

We'd love to have your support!

We're a little movie with a big heart - but, yes, in order to bring the film all over the nation we still do need your support! All donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Three Dollar Bill Cinema, a registered 501©3 organization.

If you prefer to write a check, make it payable to Three Dollar Bill Cinema and send to: Inlaws & Outlaws, 1463 E. Republican, #122 Seattle, WA 98112


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