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Community Screenings FAQ
  • Do I need a license to screen the film?
    Yes, unless you are having a private screening for your friends or family in your living room, you need a Community Screening License to show Inlaws & Outlaws. Exceptions:
    • If you're showing the film in a classroom, you need an Educational License, which allows for repeated use of the film in this manner. (see below)
    • If you're showing the film to a handful of people in order to evaluate or plan a public screening (say, your Social Justice Committee), then please do so with our blessing!
  • I want to see the film before I get a license. How can I do that without paying twice?
    We absolutely encourage everyone to see the film first before they commit to a public screening. If you purchase the film through us directly (online, phone, mail order) and would later like to purchase a screening license, we will deduct the cost of your purchase from your license fee. (Not applicable to Equality Deal packages as those screening licenses are free.) To take advantage of this discount,nd order your license from us by phone and let us know you already have the DVD.
  • Who is eligible to purchase a Community Screening License?
    Any individual or non-profit organization is eligible. If you are a for-profit organization and/or a theatrical institution (you regularly screen films and charge admission), then you need to contact us to negotiate terms appropriate for your venue.
  • I'm hosting a free screening and not charging admission. Do I still need a license?
    Yes. A great many screenings are free to the public. Whether you charge admission, accept donations or just open it to all for free, you still need a license.
  • Why do I need a license?
    Copyright law, for one. Fairness, for two. This film is the result of a lot of work, sweat and money invested in something we think is of value to society. The prices of our various licenses are a bargain — and generally much cheaper than most other films. If everyone who screens the film obtains a proper license, we can still keep the film affordable for everyone.
  • I have heard that other groups got their screening for free. How can I?
    Some hosts have received free screenings because they've been sponsored by an individual, company or organization who essentially paid their screening fee. If your group is not being sponsored, you still have the opportunity for a free screening with one of our Equality Deal screening packages. If you make an honest effort, you will almost always make all of your money back — and most likely earn money for your organization. Our goal is to get the film out there — and to empower local groups in the process.
  • Why are the licenses so inexpensive?
    We're out to spread the love, not make a mint. The license fees do not even begin to pay for the expense of the film, the materials, the website and our Campaign Team. We rely on support from our friends, fans and sponsors.
  • My venue is huge but I want to do a small screening. How do I pick the right license?
    Choose what you think is a reasonable maximum number of people you will get at your event. In many cases, your church or school might hold 400 people but you know you'll probably not get more than 150. If this is the case, choose the license that fits 150 (Medium). We trust your judgment.
  • What if I buy a Large license but only a small crowd turns up? Can I get a refund?
    Sorry, we don't give screening license refunds. However, our goal is first to empower you and second, for you to succeed. So first choose your screening size carefully and second, make sure you use as many of our tools and resources and your community's resources to have the best shot at success. If something goes wrong outside of your control, give us a call. In many cases, you can schedule a second event at no additional cost. Our goal is for you to succeed.
  • My screening was cancelled because (insert Act of God here). Can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, no. But if you contact us and give us a reasonable explanation as to why things didn't work out for you, we are happy to reschedule your event. Planning ahead is your best shot at success, but believe us, we know that stuff happens.
  • Oops. I hosted a screening before I realized I needed a license. What should I do?
    Be a good egg and buy a license. We won't box your ears or even bark at you. Just buy the license online and drop us a line — or give us a call and get it done over the phone. We do appreciate it!
  • After my screening, I want to donate the DVD to my school or library. Can I do that?
    The DVD that comes with your license reverts to a personal use copy of the film after it's one licensed use. You may also donate the DVD to either a middle school, high school, or public library. We will happily grant them the license to have the film available at that institution. If they require documentation, just contact us and we'll set them up. However, your copy is not good for educational use in an institution of higher learning (college, university, professional training program or trade school.) These types of schools will need to purchase an appropriate Educational License.

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Equality Deal FAQ
  • What happens if I don't sell all my DVDs at my event? Can I send them back?
    Unless their is a manufacturing defect, we don't take DVD returns. Your event is your best opportunity for selling your DVDs but you can use any community opportunity available to continue selling your DVDs. Remember, you only have to sell a portion of your Equality Deal DVDs to make back all of your money. Selling them all is an achievable goal but sometimes it does take extra effort to find worthy homes for them all.
  • Can I sell the DVDs at a different price?
    Yes, that's your call. For example, you might want to have a cheaper price for students. Or your goal is just to break even so you take a suggested donation instead of the $20 suggested price. One great way to use the DVDs is at a fundraiser. Give a DVD to every person who donates X amount of money or more (say, $50 or $100 more). We generally don't recommend going much over $20 though. You might make more per DVD but you'll probably sell less.
  • If I buy an Equality Deal package, do I have to host a screening?
    No. We'd love for you to host a screening but you're not required to do so in order to purchase the Equality Deal DVDs. You might decide to buy a package to sell at a community event or to use in a fundraising drive for your school organization. If you'd like to donate your license to an eligible organization, you may do so, but please contact us and let us know you are doing so (and to whom you are donating) so we know their license is legit.
  • Can I give my extra DVDs to schools or libraries or community groups?
    Your Equality Deal DVDs are all personal use copies of the film, meaning they are for viewing at home with family and friends, not for educational or library use.

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Registration FAQ
  • When do I register my event(s)?
    You must register before your event takes place. We will build you a screening page for your event but can't guarantee that it will be completed unless you register at least two weeks prior to your event. Note: Your screening license is not valid unless you register your event.
  • Why do I need to register my screening? This is DIY grassroots distribution, my friend. It's slightly more unwieldy but a lot more inexpensive and accessible for you. Licensing screenings helps pay for the film and registration a) helps us keep track of where the film is going and b) helps us leverage the good word-of-mouth and visibility that happens when you bring Inlaws & Outlaws to your community.
  • Who should register as a Screening Host
    Whoever has obtained the screening license should register as the Screening Host — just one host per event is necessary. If you are an organization that is hosting the event, please have the person who will be the primary contact register as the Screening Host.
  • How do I register multiple events?
    If you are one Screening Host hosting multiple events (even on the same day), you will only need to register as a Screening Host once. However, you'll need to register each individual screening of the film separately. Just come back and repeat the process for each event. Time saver: if you have two or more screenings on the same day and in the same place, you can register your events all at once. Just make a note of the individual start times in the Events Details box provided.

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Educational and Library Licenses FAQ
  • If I am showing the film in my classroom, do I need to a license or need to register?
    If you are showing the film at an educational institution, then you need one of our Educational Licenses available at our online store. They are tailored to the type of institution you are (University, Small Campus, High School). These licenses are intended for repeated use and are good for perpetuity. Once you obtain one, you do not need to register your showings, as long as they are just for classroom use.
  • We'd like to have one public screening for my club or film series on campus. Which license do I obtain?
    Screenings that are part of a campus film series or club presentation still need to obtain a Community Screening License (see above). The rule of thumb is that if your screening is open to the public and/or you are charging admission (or requiring a club membership), then you need a screening license. If you are just showing the film to a class and the screening is just open to those enrolled in the class, then you should purchase an Educational License appropriate for your type of institution. Note that many schools have used the Equality Deal to get a free license and to raise money for a club activity or student group.
  • We'd like to purchase a license to use in the classroom and have a public screening or use as part of our screening series. What should I do?
    You will need both an Educational License plus a Community Screening License. However, if you purchase both at the same time, we will give you a discount. Just contact us and we'll figure out what works best in your situation.
  • Our school has an Educational License. Can we loan it to another school?
    Each license is good for one institution. If the institution has multiple locations, that's fine. In the case of licenses for High School, the license is good for one copy within that school's district but not transferable to an institution outside that district.
  • We'd like to have a screening at our library. Will a Public Library License cover that?
    No. However, if you purchase the appropriate Community Screening License for your event, you are welcome to keep the DVD as a library copy.
  • How long are the Educational and Public Library licenses active?
    Our institutional licenses are good forever.
  • May we submit a purchase order to purchase our license?
    Yes! You can either set up over the phone and email us the documentation, or you can submit your order via mail or fax using this downloadable form.
  • Is there a study guide for educational use?
    It's in the works! If you would like to contribute to this effort, let us know.
  • At 100 minutes, the film is too long for my classes. Is there a shorter version?
    Not at this time. We've found that educators tend to do one of two things to make the film work in their situation: they can either show half of the film in each of two class sessions, or they can schedule a special after-hours screening and invite other classes to participate.

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