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The Seattle Times
3 1/2 Stars! The Seattle Times' venerable John Hartl reviews the film twice — first for it's original premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival and next when the final cut gets it's theatrical debut.
Read the first review. | Read the second review.

Ken Eisner of the industry's standard-bearer gives Inlaws & Outlaws a very favorable review: "Currently heated discussion of gay marriage makes the cool-headed "Inlaws and Outlaws" a timely examination of the nature of marriage, whether straight or gay." Read the full review.

The Everett Herald
The Everett Herald says "It's easy to see how the film could become a word-of-mouth success. Its collection of stories is accessible and consistently absorbing, and in a couple of cases, devastating." — Robert Horton
Read the full review.

'Mo Magazine
'Mo Magazine says "All the attention is well deserved. Emery's shrewd tactic with this film is to focus on the love that defines relationships regardless of gender, and references the challenges facing gay marriage with subtlety rather than beating us over the head with it." — Matthew McQuilkin Read the full review.

IN LA Magazine
IN LA Magazine says "It's the kind of movie that should be shown in schools, churches and to parents to convey the importance of marriage equality. It's also one for the gay time capsule, providing a lasting impression of love in an often marginalized community." — Ken Knox" Read the full review.

Seattle Gay News
Excellent!"Intelligent and refreshing. At the top of the list of excellent gay films is the documentary Inlaws & Outlaws. It is impossible not to be absolutely absorbed by the experiences of the subjects ..." 
 — Herb Krohn Read full review.

Toledo City Paper
The Toledo City Paper gives the film four stars, calling it "a moving and touching documentary that goes down like a piece of wedding cake" adding, "As the cacophonous gay marriage debate crashes on, Inlaws & Outlaws makes a convincing and poetic argument that at the nucleus of the social custom known as marriage is a mixture of hormones, emotion and beauty that we call "love." — Jason Webber Read the full review.

Kitsap Sun
The Kitsap Sun says "Gay and lesbian groups might embrace Inlaws & Outlaws as a "gay" film, but it certainly isn't. It's a human film, and an idealistic one in that it treats its gay and lesbian subjects with the same respect and humanity afforded the straight ones."
 Read the full review.

Cincinnati CityBeat
Cincinnati CityBeat calls the film a "heartfelt and surprisingly tender story of people struggling with the minefield that is contemporary intimacy." Read the full review.

Bent Alaska
"There was a lot of laughter in Room 101 of UAA’s Rasmuson Hall on March 18. It was the laughter of recognition as we shared in the joy of people whose stories of love we heard — if also, at times, also sharing in the tears of their sorrows." Read the full review.

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