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Robert D. Lemon, Executive Producer

After seeing Inlaws & Outlaws at his local UCC church, Bob Lemon fell in love with the stories profiled and strongly identified with the film's message of the universality of love. Soon, Bob became involved with the True Stories Project, sponsoring the film's return to Oklahoma City and bringing the film to several congregations and schools in Oklahoma. As he became an indispensable part of our Outlaws Posse, Bob decided to step up and put his full backing behind the film, becoming our Executive Producer. His generous support was instrumental to the completion of the film and the launch of the Hearts + Minds Campaign.

Bob is a long-time oil rights lawyer in Oklahoma City and the Texas Panhandle. He is committed to furthering the human rights work begun by he and his late wife, Mary Lou. Both Bob and Mary Lou have a long history of promoting equal rights and to openly confronting bigotry and prejudice in all of its many different forms.

Bob currently lives in Oklahoma City. On Oct 9, 2009, Bob and his family received the Bill Rogers Lifetime Achievement Award from the Cimarron Alliance. Many of the subjects of Inlaws & Outlaws surprised Bob at the awards ceremony, by appearing in a tribute video in his honor (see below).

In November, 2009, the ACLU of Oklahoma selected Bob as their Man of the Year. In May, 2010, Bob received an honorary doctorate from Oklahoma Theological Seminary.

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