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Just Marriage: from Outlaws to Inlaws

Just MarriageWHAT A DAY!

We can think of no better way to celebrate this amazing day than by releasing our latest video: Just Marriage: from Outlaws to Inlaws.

For a long time, our audiences have been asking for an update on the lives of our storytellers. When we we were invited to bring Inlaws & Outlaws to public television, we decided this was the perfect time to do just that.

So enjoy. And as you reflect on how far we've all come these past eight years, give a moment of thanks to the thousands of people from all walks of lives who set the ball rolling but stepping up and telling their stories.

Note: If you haven't yet seen Inlaws & Outlaws, be warned; this update is chockfull of spoilers!

Where to see: BROADCAST SCHEDULE for Inlaws & Outlaws and Just Marriage.

Bob Lemon Don't see your locality yet? Then contact your public television affiliate directly and request it. It makes a difference!

Ann extra special thanks goes to our Executive Producer Bob Lemon who made the creation of this update possible!

Also, a big thank you goes out to Noah Dassel, Nadja Dee Witherbee, Guy Farris, Pete-e Petersen, Jane Abbott Lighty, Karen Ducey and Central Cinema for their help in creating this.


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